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California Sparkling Wine & Champagne

We are constantly adding to our site in an effort to bring you the most information possible about the California sparkling wine industry.

Most California sparkling wines are made in the Méthode Champenoise style with many of the wineries calling their product “sparkling wine” and some even use the Champagne designation.

You will find that many sparkling wine producers are found in the cooler California regions and the majority of these use the same grapes, primarily pinot noir and chardonnay with some pinot meunier as do their cousins in France.

The most popular designation for both sparkling wine and Champagne is brut, a dry style that is usually a blend; blanc de blancs indicates a wine made solely from chardonnay while a blanc de noirs is made with either Pinot variety (or a blend thereof). There are also rosés. We have also compiled a more complete list of the grapes used in the production of sparkling wine from around the world.

Unlike the still wine market, sales of sparkling wines are largely seasonal and are usually linked to celebratory occasions. This web site aims to change this by providing a large knowledge base on accessories, wineries, and information on how to purchase, store and drink fine California sparkling wine.

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