How to chill sparkling wine and Champagne

It may sound obvious but many people make the mistake of serving champagne at room temperature (yikes!), Champagne is definitely a drink to be served cool, you should be looking to pour it from the bottle at a temperature between 43-48 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can cool your Champagne in the fridge (although you may find that if left too long, it will begin to taste like the other contents of your fridge!) For best results we recommend cooling Champagne in a bucket filled with a mixture of water and ice, to speed up the chilling process, throw some rock salt in the bucket to reduce the temperature of the ice to below freezing, speeding up the chilling process.

Never leave champagne to chill in the freezer, we have seen more then one fine bottle explode in a freezer leaving a very expensive mess to clean up.

If you have a room temperature bottle of bubbly, place it in the coldest part of the fridge for at least 45 minutes, that should be enough to bring it down to the proper serving temperature.