Pouring sparkling wine and champagne

Selecting the right Champagne glass:

Selecting the right sparkling wine glass deserves consideration, there are three types of classic Champagne glass, the coupe, the tulip and the flute.

Champagne glasses should be cleaned with water and no soap as this will not only interfere with the bubbles but will also taint the taste of the champagne itself.

If you must use soap, for whatever reason, make sure the glass is thoroughly rinsed… there are few things more heart-breaking then sipping an $80.00 sparkling wine and only tasting soap.

The preferred glass used for champagne glasses is crystal, this is not a “luxury factor” but much more practical, the surface of crystal is rougher than ordinary glass, this stimulates more bubbles in your Champagne.

The Pour:

PouringOnce you have chosen your preferred glasses, hold the bottle placing your thumb into the dimple at the bottom of the bottle (known as the punt) and splay your fingers across the barrel of the bottle.

Although this type of grip may feel a little strange initially, you will soon realize that you can indeed maintain a firm grip on the bottle.

Grasping the bottle in this manner, take a clean napkin and wipe the rim of the bottle removing any dirt, then pour a small splash into the bottom of each glass, then return to each glass, filling it three quarters full with champagne. This process will avoid the dreaded foaming over of the champagne.